It is with sadness to say, that Swift Driver Training (Andy) has now gone (Very) part time.
For 12 years I have worked part time for a company testing fire alarms, and a few weeks ago they offered me a full time job, which after a lot of thought I have accepted.
After 22 years of teaching in a manual, a month or so ago I made the big decision to change my car to an automatic, I sorted out my existing pupils with another instructor (Thanks Andy Ackerley), I then got the new automatic car.
A couple of weeks later I got the offer of the full time job.
So then another big decision was made.
Thank you to all my pupils that I have helped over the last 22 years, I hope being able to drive has helped you out.
Cheers Andy.
In these times with such high fuel prices I am trying to encourage better economic driving to help pupils (and myself) save money on petrol, so to do this I have devised 3 or 4 routes to test the aver ...

Congratulations on passing your test, good luck with your driving. Andy

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