Many thanks to Andy for the great experience learning how to drive. He was very patient with my learning and quickly picked up my faults and what to improve. I was very impressed with his detailed feedback. If one method didn't work out on certain skill, he would suggest an alternative way suitable for my level to successfully complete the task. Also, he was brilliant on giving feedforward,; he picks up your behaviour instantly and will highlight what to consider prior to initiating a manoeuvre. I was delighted to have met him and learn how to drive from him. Thank you Andy!

In these times with such high fuel prices I am trying to encourage better economic driving to help pupils (and myself) save money on petrol, so to do this I have devised 3 or 4 routes to test the aver ...

TAXI TEST I had two hours with you and it was good enough for me to pass my test. thank you.
M Lent

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