I was really nervous about one of my lessons because it was during the really bad snow. However, I am so pleased that I went out in it because now I feel much more confident in myself knowing that I can handle the roads even in these terrible conditions. I think it was also really useful for the future because after passing my test if there was bad snow like that again I would not be scared to go out in it. It was such a confidence boost and I would encourage learners to have lessons in bad weather conditions like I did because it is definitely worthit and important for future driving.

passed 1st time for my practicle and theory and to be honest i couldnt of done it with out andy. he is such a great teacher but his more of a friend than a teacher which suited me more because i norma ...

Helen was a really good instructer, she is a lovely person nd was always giving me a boost ov confidance even if i got something wrong. And thankz to her brilliant teaching skills i passed both my the ...

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