Andy is an excellent teacher. he pushed me to improve where it mattered most without pressure or stress. he takes student development very seriously whilst making lessons fun and enjoyable. he´s responsive to the different learning styles of his students and adjusts his lessons accordingly to ensure they get the most out of it. i had tried other instructors before booking with andy and he is by far the best; i can´t imagine passing my test if it wasn´t for him. for his experience, professionalism and knowledge, he offers excellent value for money with seemingly limitless patience! thank you andy.

I was really nervous about one of my lessons because it was during the really bad snow. However, I am so pleased that I went out in it because now I feel much more confident in myself knowing that I c ...

Andy is an awesome driving instructor. Like he says, he doesn´t just teach you how to pass your test, he teaches you how to drive safely and confidently. He´s also genuinely just a really ...
Rob Calderon

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