1st time passer
Recently moving to the South East, living in Bexhill, I decided to do my Practical Driving Test in Eastbourne. I had least idea of the town and its roads. However I was taking my driving very seriously as it is quintessential to accomplish my duties at work.

I had some learning experience up north where I moved down from. I had taken my test there but it did not work out. Very fornunately I decided to take my lessons from Andy at Driving School Central. Andy only taught me no more than couple of hours a week for approximately 7 weeks before I took my test.

Trust me - I passed my test FIRST time and believe me NO faults on my test sheet. I cannot thank Andy enough as it would just not have happened without his traning and advise. All I can say is just go by what Andy says in your training and you will know the result for yourself.

Thank you again Andy.

Thank you for Johns lessons, u certainly did what you promised!

Andy got me through my test first time! forever patient and understanding, he taught me step by step and built my confidence up slowly. Very pleased with every lesson and would recommend him to other ...

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